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Webcast: “Local Media as First Informers: Effectively Using Wireless Emergency Alerts”

Why Are Broadcasters Important in Times of Disaster Emergencies?
The new national mobile emergency alert system (called Wireless Emergency Alerts or “WEA”) can support broadcasters’ mission as First Informers.

Galain President (and former broadcaster) Rick Wimberly explains how broadcasters benefit from these new Wireless Emergency Alerts.
This short but informative webcast is being presented by the National Alliance […]

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Free White Paper: “Alerting The Whole Community: Removing Barriers to Alerting Accessibility”

Recognizing that alert and warning information is only effective if received means understanding how people in our communities choose to receive information. And if the goal is to alert everyone, then it is vitally important not to overlook the approximately 25% of our population who rely on assistance or accommodation in their day-to-day lives. Pushing […]


8 Critical Steps for Successful Alert & Notification Deployments

From the Emergency Management Magazine “Alerts & Notifications” Blog by Galain President Rick Wimberly:

At the National Homeland Security Conference this week, I was asked more about how an agency can ensure they’re using the right technology and using it right than about technology innovations themselves, the topic of my presentation.  Here are steps we […]


Public’s Alert Demands & Complacency Addressed at UASI Conference

Why is the Public Complacent About Emergency Alerting Signup?
Never before have there been so many communications channels available for alerting, and it’s a good thing, the public expects them.  That’s the way I’m starting my presentation this week to the National Homeland Security Conference on “Saving Lives Through Alerting Technology”.  The audience will see a […]


Galain’s Rick Wimberly presents at the National Homeland Security Conference 6/4/13

Galain President Rick Wimberly will present at the “Saving More Lives Through Science & Technology” panel at the National Homeland Security Conference 2013 on June 4 in Los Angeles.
The panel will take place at 3:30pm PT on Tuesday, June 4 in the “Santa Barbara A/B”  room at the conference site.
Find more information on the conference […]

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