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Truly Understanding Alerting Needs

A thorough needs assessment is the best way to ensure you’re picking the right alerting solutions.
When it comes to emergency notification systems, there are many solutions and options available, some very good. What will work best is a notification system tailored to meet your particular, often unique, needs for disseminating emergency and important information. I […]


3 Keys to Successful Emergency Notification Initiatives

What are the Three top considerations for successful alert initiatives?
On the surface, the decision to implement or upgrade an emergency notification system (ENS) seems like a fairly straightforward endeavor; solicit some vendor proposals, pick one… et viola, at the push of a button, alerts and warnings can be sent instantly throughout an organization.

Unfortunately, there’s a […]


National Alerting Ability for the President Isn’t New

The FCC has proposed creation of a “national code” for a president to activate the Emergency Alert System, but it’s a technical change only.

“New emergency alert system will give Obama the power to flip a switch and address the entire nation,” reads one of the headlines about proposed changes to the Emergency Alert System (EAS). […]