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Why Don’t People Sign Up To Receive Emergency Alerts?

Why is it so tough to get people to sign up to receive emergency alerts?
A full year after Itawamba County, Miss., implemented its emergency notification system, 25 percent of community households had signed up to receive notifications. Oddly enough, that’s a strong sign-up rate — even extraordinary.

As we’re sure Itawamba officials will tell you, obtaining […]


Matching Needs to Array of Alerting Options

 How Do You Match Your Emergency Alerting Needs to the Confusing Array of Technology Options Available?
A careful needs analysis is the best start for making the right alert technology decisions.  Most communities are served by alerting systems that make telephone calls and send out text messages. When I first got into the business 15-plus years […]


Wireless Emergency Alerts Helps Find Another Child

Alerts to cellphones helped locate a missing 9-year-old Alabama boy.
These stories are impressive. A missing 9-year-old Alabama boy was found safe last week after a Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA) was issued to cellphones in the area. It only makes sense. Most cellphones in the area receive the alert, whether cell users sign up or not.

Yes, […]