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How Did an Accidental Presidential Emergency Alert Get Sent?

FEMA, the FCC and EAS participants are trying to fix accidental discharge of the Emergency Alert System by the Bobby Bones syndicated radio show.
It turns out it was the nationally syndicated radio show, the Bobby Bones Show, out of Nashville that mistakenly triggered an Emergency Alert System (EAS) message purportedly from the White House last […]


Do Mobile Companies Need to Upgrade Their Networks to Make Earthquake Alerts Work?

Can the Cell System Handle Earthquake Alerts?
Questions are being asked about how effective Wireless Emergency Alerts could be for earthquake alerts.
Conversation is developing about whether Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) can be effective for earthquake warnings. In a thorough report on South California Public Radio station KPCC, the possibilities were explored with Doug Given of the U.S. Geological […]


Nonprofits Use Online Ad Technology For Emergency Alerts

A nonprofit group has been formed that would substitute online ads with targeted emergency alerts.
You know those ads you see when you’re online that mysteriously seem to know that you just happened to be looking for the item being advertised? Those ads don’t pop up by mistake. Your online patterns are watched for clues to try […]


Alerting Dashboards Can Streamline the Notification Process

An emergency occurs; it’s time to alert the public. You have a variety of alerting channels to use: sirens, texting, giant voice, IPAWS, WEA, EAS, email, telephone calls, digital signage, social media and the list goes on. You have to hop from application to application to activate. Time is tight. Pressure is high. Resources are […]