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Do Mobile Companies Need to Upgrade Their Networks to Make Earthquake Alerts Work?

Can the Cell System Handle Earthquake Alerts?
Questions are being asked about how effective Wireless Emergency Alerts could be for earthquake alerts.
Conversation is developing about whether Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) can be effective for earthquake warnings. In a thorough report on South California Public Radio station KPCC, the possibilities were explored with Doug Given of the U.S. Geological […]


Nonprofits Use Online Ad Technology For Emergency Alerts

A nonprofit group has been formed that would substitute online ads with targeted emergency alerts.
You know those ads you see when you’re online that mysteriously seem to know that you just happened to be looking for the item being advertised? Those ads don’t pop up by mistake. Your online patterns are watched for clues to try […]


Alerting Dashboards Can Streamline the Notification Process

An emergency occurs; it’s time to alert the public. You have a variety of alerting channels to use: sirens, texting, giant voice, IPAWS, WEA, EAS, email, telephone calls, digital signage, social media and the list goes on. You have to hop from application to application to activate. Time is tight. Pressure is high. Resources are […]


Why Don’t People Sign Up To Receive Emergency Alerts?

Why is it so tough to get people to sign up to receive emergency alerts?
A full year after Itawamba County, Miss., implemented its emergency notification system, 25 percent of community households had signed up to receive notifications. Oddly enough, that’s a strong sign-up rate — even extraordinary.

As we’re sure Itawamba officials will tell you, obtaining […]


Matching Needs to Array of Alerting Options

 How Do You Match Your Emergency Alerting Needs to the Confusing Array of Technology Options Available?
A careful needs analysis is the best start for making the right alert technology decisions.  Most communities are served by alerting systems that make telephone calls and send out text messages. When I first got into the business 15-plus years […]


Wireless Emergency Alerts Helps Find Another Child

Alerts to cellphones helped locate a missing 9-year-old Alabama boy.
These stories are impressive. A missing 9-year-old Alabama boy was found safe last week after a Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA) was issued to cellphones in the area. It only makes sense. Most cellphones in the area receive the alert, whether cell users sign up or not.

Yes, […]


Which State Recently Adopted Silver Alerts?

Which State Recently Adopted Silver Alerts?
Wisconsin has joined about 30 states to adopt an automated emergency alert system for missing older adults.
What is a Silver Alert?
It’s similar to Amber Alerts for missing children, but for missing older adults. A distinction between Amber and Silver alerts is that Amber Alerts can generally be used only when […]


Should Government Alerting Systems Be Used Only For Emergencies?

What County Uses an Automated Emergency Notification System to Alert Businesses?
We hear that Hernando County, Fla., has started using its automated notification system to alert businesses. The Hernando County Sheriff’s Department calls it the Business Emergency Notification System for alerting business owners when something important happens after hours (e.g., break-ins, alarms, unlocked doors, etc.).

This reminds us […]


Truly Understanding Alerting Needs

A thorough needs assessment is the best way to ensure you’re picking the right alerting solutions.
When it comes to emergency notification systems, there are many solutions and options available, some very good. What will work best is a notification system tailored to meet your particular, often unique, needs for disseminating emergency and important information. I […]


3 Keys to Successful Emergency Notification Initiatives

What are the Three top considerations for successful alert initiatives?
On the surface, the decision to implement or upgrade an emergency notification system (ENS) seems like a fairly straightforward endeavor; solicit some vendor proposals, pick one… et viola, at the push of a button, alerts and warnings can be sent instantly throughout an organization.

Unfortunately, there’s a […]