“First Informer” Mini-Documentary Released by National Association of Broadcasters

Using dramatic, even startling, real life images and sounds, broadcasters are demonstrating the role they play as “first informers” during emergencies.  The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) recently released a video called “Communicating Superstorm Sandy”.  It documents on-air coverage of Sandy, including alerting and warning by radio and television stations to help keep the public out of harm’s way.  It’s quite impressive.

Why Are Broadcasters Important in Times of Disaster Emergencies?

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is heard saying that, as he moved from damaged area-to-damaged area after the storm, “My way to communicate to the folks in my state was broadcasters”.   Radio stations that had switched from music entertainment to live news are heard connecting listeners to loved ones.

The NAB released a similar video found here documenting broadcast coverage of The Alabama and Missouri tornadoes of 2011.  Although we’ve seen the pictures many times, they’re still striking.

As we work with public safety and broadcast officials around the country, it’s heartening to see the public safety/broadcast relationships that have been established.  But, sometimes it’s disheartening to see the relationships aren’t taken seriously and cultured…until something really bad happens.  Please, don’t be one of those…

Is There More Information on Local Media and Broadcasters as First Informers?

For a deeper look at the importance of first informers in times of disaster emergencies, see our webcast “Local Media as First Informers: Effectively Using Wireless Emergency Alerts.”

This post was originally published in Emergency Management Magazine’s Alerts and Notifications blog authored by Galain President Rick Wimberly at Emergency Management Magazine.