What is Ipaws? and how do I sign up?

Galain Solutions is offering to help local public safety agencies and higher education institutions become part of new federal emergency alerting initiatives at no charge.  Galain consultants will guide agencies through the process of becoming an “alerting authority” for the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS).  Alerting authority gives local agencies permission to send alerts through IPAWS systems including Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA), the new mobile device alerting initiative.

What are the benefits of using IPAWS?

Galain President Rick Wimberly said, “IPAWS offers very strong supplements to existing local alerting initiatives, and we want to see as many local agencies as possible taking advantage of the program.”  He said the offer would provide access to a Galain consultant for an hour-long consultation, with follow-up assistance if necessary.  “The process isn’t difficult”, according to Wimberly, “but it does require specific step-by-step action”.

Who owns IPAWS?

IPAWS is a program operated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) designed to make alerts more effective for the nation.  Its WEA mobile alert initiative have been creating buzz as alerts with attention getting tones and vibrations have been received by mobile devices throughout the nation.  The program has already been credited with saving lives in serious storms, and helping solve AMBER Alert cases involving missing children.  Information about IPAWS can be found at the FEMA IPAWS website: Integrated Public Alert and Warning System

I’m ready! How do I contact you?

Interested agencies and higher education institutions can contact Galain to speak with one of our experienced consultants:

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