From Galain President Rick Wimberly’s Blog “Alerts and Notifications: Best Practices For Emergency Notification Programs”

in Emergency Management Magazine

A couple of nice articles on Amber Alerts crossed our desks recently, perhaps showing public interest in how Amber really works. The Monroe News in Michigan published an article, Amber Alerts more sophisticated than in 2009. Beyond explaining how Amber works, when it’s used and when it’s not, it addresses Amber improvements now that cell networks are used along with radio and TV to get the word out through Wireless Emergency Alerts, the national cell broadcast system.

In the meantime, the Salisbury Post in North Carolina posted an Amber explanation in its Ask Us section in response to a reader’s question about the difference between Amber Alerts and Silver Alerts. Of course, our readers already know that Amber is for missing children whose lives are in imminent danger and Silver Alerts are for missing older adults.

It’s rather refreshing to know that people are asking questions. Never can we assume that, just because we in our field talk about these things a lot, the public gets it. As the saying goes, “It’s not what you say that matters, it’s what’s heard.”