FEMA, the FCC and EAS participants are trying to fix accidental discharge of the Emergency Alert System by the Bobby Bones syndicated radio show.

It turns out it was the nationally syndicated radio show, the Bobby Bones Show, out of Nashville that mistakenly triggered an Emergency Alert System (EAS) message purportedly from the White House last week. The show’s anchor station WSIX-FM accidentally fired off an EAS alert using the code normally reserved for a message from the White House. The alert was picked up by radio and TV stations across the country.

Will it Happen Again?

FEMA’s Integrated Public Alert and Warning System, which oversees the EAS, says it’s working with the FCC and EAS equipment companies to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

What Can Radio Stations Do To Prevent Another Accidental Presidential Alert Being Sent?

RadioWorld has published a series¬†of short-term and long-term ideas from FEMA for EAS participants to use until the problem is worked out. Some settings on EAS equipment can be changed; software needs to be current; and participants need to make sure they’re current on EAS information from their vendors, FEMA and the FCC.