Galain Solutions maintains a library of modern Emergency Alert, Warning, and Mass Notification resources.  Our consultants have deep experience in a wide range of timely topics affecting Emergency Alerting Authorities.

The Galain Team is regularly called on to publish and publicly present as subject matter experts around the country.  Galain makes this information freely available to public safety officials as an educational resource.  Some topics may be eligible for certification credit.



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Wireless Emergency Alerts; Amendments to the FCC Commission’s Rules Regarding the Emergency Alert System

FCC Communications Security, Reliability and Interoperability Council:  Working Group 2/Emergency Alerting Platforms (September 2016)  Social Media & Complementary Alerting Methods – Recommended Strategies & Best Practices

Ubiquitous Alerts: A quick YouTube explainer.

FEMA All Hazards Feed:



Less than 1 minute-and-a-half long, this video introduces the Ubiquitous Alerts concept – alerts for everyone no matter who they, where they are, and what they’re doing. The capability exists with no major investment required.

See the video here.





A New Era in Emergency Alerting

A new era of emergency alerting is beginning to emerge.  It’s a time when we begin to see and hear alerts wherever we are, regardless of what we’re doing.  Download a one-page summary for an introduction.


Why Should You Use an Emergency Alert Systems Consultant?

Those of us responsible for alerting know it is not as simple as it seems. When the need arises for you to reach members of your community, will you be able to reach everyone? Can you get them the information they need in order to preserve life and property? Do you know all your options?

whitepaperSaving Lives Through Alerting Technology 

There’s a growing, confusing maze of Alert and Warning channels now available. Get insight into the maze, what’s working, and what’s not. Evolving trends will be discussed along with information on FEMA’s Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS), including the recently-launched national cell broadcast alert system, Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA). 


Emergency Alert Systems WebcastWireless Emergency Alerts for Public Safety (Webcast)

A brief but important primer from Galain President and emergency alerting expert Rick Wimberly on Wireless Emergency Alerts and instructions for public safety officials to sign up


Emergency Alert Systems WebcastLocal Media as First Informers: Effectively Using Wireless Emergency Alerts (Webcast)

The new national mobile emergency alert system (called Wireless Emergency Alerts or “WEA”) can support broadcasters’ mission as First Informers. Galain President (and former broadcaster) Rick Wimberly explains how broadcasters benefit from these new Wireless Emergency Alerts. 


 whitepaper Alerting the Whole Community: Removing Barriers to Alerting Accessibility

Recognizing that alert and warning information is only effective if received means understanding how people in our communities choose to receive information. And if the goal is to alert everyone, then it is vitally important not to overlook the approximately 25% of our population who rely on assistance or accommodation in their day-to-day lives. Pushing information to TV and radio is simply no longer enough. This paper serves to demonstrate how IPAWS addresses the challenges of reaching the whole community, including the 25% of our population who might need assistance.

  whitepaperSeven Essential Building Blocks of Better Stakeholder Engagement

Want to improve your agency’s outreach efforts?   Focus on these seven building blocks  to create a stronger messaging platform.


blog_post8 Critical Steps for Successful Emergency Alert and Notification Deployments

How can an agency ensure they’re using the right technology, and using it in the right way? Here are specific steps to follow, based on what we’ve learned from our more successful alert and notification deployments.