What County Uses an Automated Emergency Notification System to Alert Businesses?

We hear that Hernando County, Fla., has started using its automated notification system to alert businesses. The Hernando County Sheriff’s Department calls it the Business Emergency Notification System¬†for alerting business owners when something important happens after hours (e.g., break-ins, alarms, unlocked doors, etc.).

This reminds us of a story several years back from Bowling Green, Ky., where a similar initiative proved quite successful. We heard of a check scam being solved within minutes. A woman showed up at a bank to cash a forged check. The teller had received a call from the automated system just moments before. Law enforcement was discreetly alerted. The woman was arrested. The check fraud scheme was solved; businesses were pleased.

Should Government Alerting Systems Be Used Only For Emergencies?

There are those who will argue that these systems should only be used in critical emergencies. But as long as crimes can be solved, without interfering with ability to alert the public to a critical event, how could this type of use be bad?

This post was originally published in Emergency Management Magazine’s Alerts and Notifications blog authored by Galain President Rick Wimberly at Emergency Management Magazine.