Which State Recently Adopted Silver Alerts?

Wisconsin has joined about 30 states to adopt an automated emergency alert system for missing older adults.

What is a Silver Alert?

It’s similar to Amber Alerts for missing children, but for missing older adults. A distinction between Amber and Silver alerts is that Amber Alerts can generally be used only when a child is missing and considered in imminent danger. Suspected run-aways generally don’t qualify. Silver Alerts can be used when an older adult is thought to have wandered off, perhaps because of dementia or Alzheimer’s.

How Are Silver Alerts Sent and Received?

Like Amber Alerts, in Wisconsin a Silver Alert will spread via radio, TV and digital signs owned by the state. Silver Alerts are not permitted through the new national cell broadcast alert system, Wireless Emergency Alerts.

This post was originally published in the Alerts and Notifications blog authored by Galain President Rick Wimberly at Emergency Management Magazine